i’m sorry for the apology you never got

i have many friends and family who will say to me, “church people, not my crowd.” “church people, hypocrites.” “religion has caused so many divisions in the world.” and to that, i say you’re not wrong. there are many horrific things that have been done “in the name of Jesus” that have caused many people to be hurt – hurt in a way that can’t be explained by just the simple word “hurt”. it’s time that the church starts owning up for its failures, and let me be the first to say, i. am. so. sorry. i’m sorry that we … Continue reading i’m sorry for the apology you never got

the night won’t last forever

The last few weeks I have been trying to compile all of my thoughts into something worth reading. Because I do like writing, and I feel like when I write I am really able to put everything out there because I have time to process it all. Words are hard for me, but they mean so much to me. Anyways, here’s a tiny look into some of my thoughts this past month. The month of June has been filled with some of life’s greatest pleasures, but also some of life’s saddest times for me. Suicide has been a very consistent … Continue reading the night won’t last forever

today it’s more than just cool

lately i have been trying to really let truths that i hear actually work my heart. let things people say, or something i read, or a truth the Lord provides be more than “just cool.” so, i have been reading Francis Chan’s Forgotten God, and these are a few things that stuck out to me today. cool, life changing things. simple truths and words are what shake me the most, so here’s some i read today on my flights. there’s nothing better than being absolutely sure that the most powerful Being in the universe adores you as His own child. … Continue reading today it’s more than just cool

i humbly say

you know I have seen tragedy after tragedy after tragedy recently. we all have. whether it’s school shootings or bombings or earthquakes, we have seen it all. and we are so quick to throw out our opinions and judgments, and i understand that i am doing the exact same thing right now. however, i know that the Lord is good, and despite all these tragedies i know that He is working in the hearts of people all over the world. He is working in my heart, so because i love people and i am passionate about what i believe i … Continue reading i humbly say

Hola, mis amigas!

Guys, I don’t have much to say. I just wanted to share the joy that I have from my experience this weekend in Puebla, Mexico. Long story short, I had the opportunity to travel to Puebla to meet and hire our international summer staff. There was a little over 600 college-aged Mexican men and women who attended the job fair. Before we arrived, I was super excited to be able to talk with these people because I have been attempting to learn Spanish the last few months, and when we got there all my expectations for the trip were just … Continue reading Hola, mis amigas!

this one thing

if there’s one thing i’ve learned with asking the Lord for peace, it’s that it literally requires our complete trust in the Father. seems like an easy task, but sometimes i allow doubt and fear creep into my thoughts and my heart and suddenly i’m overcome with the absolute worst sense of anxiety. this morning i had the privilege of driving jericho, my super amazing boyfriend to the airport to make his journey to new zealand for the next two years. i say privilege because really it is, i just don’t always allow the Lord to show me that joy. … Continue reading this one thing


lately, i have tried extremely hard to put into words just exactly how i feel, but i’ve failed and failed to explain. however, here is my humble attempt at doing just that. for the last year i have lived in glorieta, nm, and man did i never expect to be here. i stepped into camp ministry as a messy 19 year old girl who had no idea what she was getting herself into, but the Lord has just been so extremely good to me. i have truly experienced what Colossians talks about when it mentions “Him who is able to … Continue reading thanksgiving


for anyone who knows me, you know that I am the absolute hardest on myself. i was the girl who pushed herself to make the best grades, be the best athlete, have the most golden stars. however, i’ve learned what a joke that attitude can be. i am bound to mess up. i am bound to let people down. i am imperfect, and for me to hold myself to that standard is ludicrous. along with this pursuit of perfection, i have established a very unforgiving attitude towards myself. if i don’t have the best grades, you know i’m mad at … Continue reading grace

the Cross

you know what I love about the Cross and what Jesus accomplished on it? Everything that happened that day gave us freedom to approach the Lord with boldness. Because you know what? When that veil was torn, that meant that we know longer have to go to a priest to approach God. We have access to speak directly to the King of kings. We have access to carry our burdens straight to Him. And He hears us, and He’s faithful to answer in His timing. Not only that, but death was defeated on that Cross. Oh what power our Jesus … Continue reading the Cross